IBLISS – (​(​(​Unholy​)​)​) EP

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Kuala Lumpur-based stoner/doom trio IBLISS has released a new two-track EP, following up on their wildly popular 2020 debut Demonic, Her. Unsurprisingly, the (((Unholy))) EP doesn’t showcase any new moves or tricks.

IBLISS’ brand of fuzzy, dirty, and groovy doom is present and accounted for here, which will undoubtedly please band and genre fans. The EP’s title track also features the vocal talents of MKD LOD, vocalist of Kuala Lumpur death metal maniacs Lavatory.

IBLISS’ debut Demonic, Her received multiple physical releases from labels in Europe, the USA, Malaysia, and Argentina. There’s no news on whether (((Unholy))) is getting the same treatment.

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