Iqbal M – “Jangan Cakap Saja”

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Malaysian alternative rock band, Iqbal M, recently released their much-awaited debut album, “PSJKB” (which is an acronym for “Perasaan Sedih Janganlah Kau Bimbang“). The band, led by frontman Iqbal, have been steadily growing their fanbase at live shows over the years, with their always entertaining stage antics and banter – Iqbal frequently performs in what looks like a stray jacket, and sometimes a Spiderman costume. Their first single, “Jangan Cakap Saja”, showcases the band’s intricate and melodic guitar and bass lines that reference math and emo bands (eg. American Football), paired with Iqbal’s no-frills lyrics and rather nonchalant singing style. “PSJKB” is not yet available on all major streaming services, but you can purchase the physical copy via their social media accounts.