Jaeho Hwang – Betweenness/사이

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Seoul/Lonon-based producer and visual artist Jaeho Hwang has released a music video for the track “Betweenness/사이” off his upcoming second EP, Inner-self.

“Betweenness/사이” is a tasteful combination of gabber/industrial styles with traditional Korean instrumentation that culminates into a catchy and hypnotising track.

The video stitches together and contrasts archival footage of 20th-century life in Seoul with footage of present-day Korea. Hwang directed the video himself.

Hwang had this to say about the video: “Many actions remain the same across the centuries – dancing, working, walking down the street. The two time frames are interlinked further with hovering squares of facial recognition technology over the faces from the past, an attempt to use technology to ‘recognise’ people who are ultimately unreachable, but whose culture deeply influences those in Seoul today.”

Inner-self releases on 1st June 2022 via Chinabot.

Visit Jaeho Hwang’s official website for more info.