Leslie Low – Blood Red Pale White

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A prominent musician in the Singaporean music scene, Leslie Low recently released his new album “Blood Red Pale White”. 

Through the early years of Humpback Oak in the 90s to the experimental art rock band The Observatory, Leslie Low has developed his own style of storytelling – through his guitar work, arrangement, and lyrics. 

His 14th solo album, “Blood Red Pale White” spans across 14 tracks of melancholia tinged folk that is mostly driven by Leslie’s intricate acoustic guitar work and vocals. 

You’d probably think that 14 tracks is a bit too much for a folk album, but not with “Blood Red Pale White”. 

It’s melancholic, but the kind that is bearable. The kind that hangs out with you for a bit on a quiet Sunday afternoon by the HDB. Reflective but not regretful.