Little Fox – Leaving It All

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Little Fox - Leaving It All

The person behind the moniker Little Fox is Thailand based singer-song writer/actor Gene Mahasmut which is the basis of his solo project, whereas he is also known as the lead singer of Saliva Bastard. The sounds of Little Fox revolves around folk music with a touch of psychedelic roots and dirty blues.

Here is a track for you from Little Fox titled “Leaving It All” where you will be able to hear the soothing qualities, calming ambience, and the influence of dirty blues in his music. One thing that mixes well with the song’s warmth and chilled vibes is relating to the message of the song which seems to be an expression of awareness and wanting freedom with lyrics like “but if you listen to the sound around, you’ll see what goes around comes around” and “leaving it all, leaving it all, leaving it all, don’t you wanna be free”. It may not be the jolliest song you hear but it fits perfectly for perhaps a day at the beach or during one of your escapades with just you and your car, driving in the middle of nowhere.

You can also check out his EP titled “Whitening” which was released this year where you can hear more of his other music which also showcases an eastern classical touch. You will also stumble upon himself singing a few songs in Thai. In my case I would find this EP as a sort of stress relief, even more if you have images of Phi Phi island repeated in your head.

For more on Little Fox, check out his Facebook and Soundcloud page.

by Hazlinda Elina