LKTDOV – Is It A Dream

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LKTDOV - Is It A Dream

Formerly known as, Last Kiss To Die of Visceroth, them lads just released their split along with the Singaporean screamo post-rock figure, Paris In The Making. The Jogjakarta gentlemen even called themselves with the new self-explanatory name, LKTDOV. The fans must be breathing a sigh of relief with the new abbreviated name, aye?

Showcasing the clash between two emotion-textured genres (post-rock and screamo), the band can be related to names like Envy and Mogwai, to give you a sense on how it sounds like. Dwelling under Relamati Records, “Is It A Dream” is taken from the split itself which was released recently. To drive the bullet straight to the bull’s eye, putting it with due respect, the track somehow exudes no essence of emotion to fill up the vacuum in between. We just thought that the probability of it’s caused by the mediocre recording quality is there, which places the track in line with flatness. Pushing the fact that the drum sounds wispy and doesn’t surface throughout the whole song, we’re pretty much sure they still have rooms to work on. Good or bad, that isn’t the question. Composition wise, they do sound promising, hence we believe they deserve the credit and looking forward to hear some more from them.

Spin on to their track below!

by Awin Roslin