LUST – Vantablack (Shelheil’s Into The Abyss Mix)

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A follow up to their well received 2019 record “Tekesima”, LUST released “Vantablack” late last year. The EP was a departure from their earlier sound, incorporating a lot more electronic elements and experiments with sound. 

The band recently released a remix by Malaysian electronic artist, Shelheil, taking “Vantablack” even deeper into the dark realms of electronic music. 

The band’s message on their Bandcamp page goes like this: 

We’ve always wanted to work with this dude cos he’s the kinda guy that would play outside his comfort zone and that’s the shit we like. He went super dark with Vantablack. It’s an intense, anxious and weird trip. The remix goes to deep places. Play this on some good ass speakers on max sampai rasa the bass buat you rasa nak terberak.”