Alamo Race Track

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Although Holland’s most famous rock export was probably Bettie Serveert, they actually had plenty of incredible rock acts that were arguably even better than Bettie Serveert like Daryll-Ann and Johan, most of them on what’s surely the country’s premier independent label, Excelsior Recordings. Still maintaining their position as the indie label to be on, Excelsior’s latest standout release is this 3rd album by Dutch band Alamo Race Track, titled Unicorn Loves Deer, a lovely blend of Daryll-Ann like introspectiveness and The Beach Boys meets CSNY harmonies of Fleet Foxes.

Sticking to our iTunes player like glue, this album’s been on constant repeat for a week now, and we think it’d be sweet to share our love with all you hip Malaysians out there. Check out the album’s title track, performed live, below. And do find out more about them on their official website and Facebook.