Auburn’s Award Winning Music Video ‘Youth’

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Thought inducing alt-rock band Auburn are back after a moment of rest while frontman Izuan headed out to Sydney to continue studying music formally. And in this day and age, what better way to immerse one’s music again into audiences’ awareness than with a grabbing video, like how the men in Dirgahayu entranced themselves into the alternative music landscape here. The ‘Youth’ video is itself an apparently perfect amalgamation of song and visual accompaniment, perhaps credited to the friendship frontman Izuan and director Emir Ezwan has had since high school. With careful attention to the essence of the song, the video revolves around 3 young characters who are faced with a conflicting environment around them.

The video has gathered an accolade of Best Digital Music Video & Best Computer Generated Innovation at the Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDFAs) this year. Have a great time watching it, and stay young, music fans.

“Youth” by Auburn {Official} from Senisyurga Music on Vimeo.