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When you stumbled upon this title up here, it may seems like we’re trying to give you a geographical lesson on a district somewhere in England. Well, no. It’s actually Indonesia revealing another one of their hidden acts to everyone and it’s called, well, Cotswolds. This new comer originated from Surabaya is empowering the fuzzy deep reverbs, which seems apparent as showcased in their EP.

The 4-piece shoegaze Cotswolds is made up of Windrata Faizal (vocal & guitar), Farras Fauzi (drum), Dwiki Putra (guitar) and Wing Wisesa (bass). Start off with an intro track which is snippets of the last track in the EP, ‘Plasticity’. It’s got that lo-fi vibe in it that somehow enlightens the obscure gloom within. Backed with cuts of post-punk beats in it, ‘European Ocean’ makes your mind wander around an imaginary ocean and feeding your mind with flashing images of life. ‘Fire’ is another track that deserves much attention from the listeners (simply because it’s my favorite track) as the riffs and reverbs just structured the whole piece and keep the intensity escalating in the track.

To sum it all up, this is very much worthy to listen to and now, just press that play button down here and take it for a spin!

by Awin Roslin