Iqbal M – Antara 2 Darjat

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Iqbal M - Antara 2 Darjat

Some might actually equate his style of music with that of Monoloque’s, having the similar concept of Malay ethnic sounds and mother-tongue as the means of their own covert messages. Nonetheless, Iqbal M reflects more of a buoyant and contemporary version of it with the catchy and upbeat melody that would draw people to sway and swirl zealously.

The lyrics might sound as straightforward as it is at the first glance, though it is actually contented with emotions and feelings of the artist himself once decoded line by line. Driven by myriad of scenarios around him, his thoughts and feelings on them are well-drawn in the songs, offering stimulations for the minds of those who savor it. With honest to the bone lyrics such as “Jangan sandangkan aku jawatan tinggi / Takut nanti aku lupa diri” (translation: Don’t rank and position / Lest I forget myself), we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves.

Rich with the uplifting melody from each mechanism that make up the song, here’s one of the many by the man himself entitled “Antara 2 Darjat”, which may give your mind something to digest.

(Editor: the original Soundcloud posting no longer exists; so we’ve put in its place our recording of this song)

by Awin Roslin