Iqbal M – Paling Cinta Dalam Dunia

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Iqbal M - Paling Cinta Dalam Dunia

“Saya mungkin tak dapat berikan dia Taj Mahal, jadi saya buat apa yang saya boleh buat. Kerna itulah datangnya lagu ini. Lagu ini adalah dedikasi saya terhadap cinta saya pada dia.” – Iqbal

The second single off their album ‘Antara Dua Darjat’, ‘Paling Cinta Dalam Dunia’ liberates Iqbal’s dedication to his beloved alongside the stature of “ikan pekasam” and the work of the late Yasmin Ahmad. If you look further into the lyrical content, it is said that the incorporation of Yasmin Ahmad stands as a precise reference that this song is absolutely dedicated and devoted to his wife, Bainun Waheeda.

What is also interesting is that according to Iqbal, he deliberately added the F# key signature to the song, as it is musically known that F# has six sharps in it, which happens to be the equivalent number to the spelling of his wife’s name, Bainun. Another standout in this track would also be the fuse of guitar battle between band members Fei and Johan that really accentuated the hook of the entire song.

You can listen to ‘Paling Cinta Dalam Dunia’ and their body of work here, or watch Iqbal M perform this track live on The Wknd Sessions Season 7 .

By Hazlinda Elina