Iqbal M

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We first noticed Iqbal M during one of his performances in Penang sometime earlier this year. A natural performer, he wielded the crowd through his set, backed by some musician friends of his, creating quite a visual riot. Immediately though, some would say if Monoloque had a younger musical kin, Iqbal M could possibly take up that spot. A student of music in a local college, Iqbal sings mostly in Malay, and his lyrics aren’t as straight forward and would require a couple of listens to fully understand. Having said that, this is one act that is better appreciated live.

Have a listen to the 2 tracks he sent over below.

Tembak Tepat
[audio:|titles=Iqbal M – Tembak Tepat (Kenaikan)]

Mati Experimental

More info on Iqbal M here