Khottal releases new single YMFT

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After going through a rather arduous process of recording their debut album, Khottal is now waiting for the right time to release their first full-length outing, SISU. So all you fans of this wondrous, magical band will have to wait just a little bit longer!

In the meantime, they’re teasing us with the lead single off of the album. Entitled “YMFT” (which stands for Your Most Favorite Thing), it’s a rousing track that showcases the bravado and gusto that the band is famous for. Released on iTunes on 25 June 2014, it should be available on streaming sites like Deezer, Spotify and KKBox soon.

Khottal releases new single "YMFT"

“This track is basically about the best way to tell others that we’re in some sort of obsession,” says Hafidz, one of the guitarists for the band. “It’s about someone expressing their feelings to another – but in actual fact, those words are intended for a third person. It’s about not necessarily knowing the right words to say what you really mean.”

We’ve had the previlige of an early listen to YMFT — and we’re happy to report that it’s good! The track is very anthemic, with a driving beat that at once melds feelings of anger with that of victory and celebration. Cryptic, and yet poetic at the same time. Exactly what we expect Khottal to be.

The single also features a B-side track “Swing Swing”. It’s a track that shows a different side to Khottal – perhaps a tip of the hat to their rock ‘n roll roots. The lyrics talk about the middle class, of trying to find your way to fit into where society wants you to be. Quite apt based on what the country is going through right now!

We at The Wknd don’t know exactly when SISU will be released – but if the album is anything like this single, we’re pretty sure everyone will be having a blast once it does come out. We’ll keep you posted once more info is available!

More info about Khottal can be found on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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