New Music: Mushroom Buttons – You Would Never Ask Me Why

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We rarely see ourselves posting electronica / electronic based music here at The Wknd, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not fans of the genre. In fact, we’ve been streaming the latest track by Mushroom Buttons quite a bit these past couple of days. Mushroom Buttons (Jason Chee) is a PJ based bedroom musician / digital artist / producer, and has worked with many local hip hop acts (CSBTEA, SSK). But unlike most electronica / DJs in KL, Mushroom Buttons performs live with a midi controller ala Daedelus , Baths, Nosaj Thing and in fact, he doesn’t stray away very far from that those folks make.

Have a listen to the track below, share it and let us know what you think

Mushroom Buttons – You Would Never Ask Me Why by Mushroom Buttons