New Music: This Is My Hurricane – This Is My Hurricane

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As we’ve often mentioned here before, metalcore is not usually our thing. But when a metalcore band does step out of the genre’s usual boundaries, we just have to sit up and take notice. This is definitely the case with this new band from Kajang who are calling themselves This Is My Hurricane, made up of members or previous members of bands like Avalon’s Whisper, Oh Chentaku, Hijau and A New Fall, who’s just released their first single, also called “This Is My Hurricane”.

A quite addictive blend of metalcore’s trademark hardcore breakdowns and melodic emo vocals with the sounds of cheesy techno and chiptune a la Attack Attack! and Enter Shikari, this is definitely the best attempt of its kind we’ve heard yet from a Malaysian band. With this kind of great start, here’s hoping that they’ll have a killer album in them in the near future. Listen to the song below and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook.

[audio:|titles=This Is My Hurricane!]