Three Track Tuesdays #2 – New Music from SEA

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Mondo Gascaro – Komorebi

(New Music)

Taken from his latest 7″ single, “Komorebi” has that signature Mondo Gascaro chord palette, laced with that distinctive and easy listening vibe he is well versed in. You can purchase his latest single here. More of Mondo Gascaro here.

Orang – Kamleng

Malaysian psychedelic pop artist, Orang, released this track sometime late last year, a gem we overlooked. ‘Kamleng’, at some points, reminds us a little of psychedelic acts such as Animal Collective, but references are usually hard to run from especially in a genre as niche as this. Rarely playing live, he will be performing alongside Man Under Zero Effort this weekend, at a secret location somewhere in KL. Details here.

June Marieezy – Throw Away Love Songs

We didn’t get to catch her performance at last year’s Urbanscapes Festival in Malaysia, and thankfully she recently released ‘Throw Away Love Songs’, a 7 track digital release full of her hip-hop / neo-soul vibe. Follow June Marieezy here.