Obedient Wives Club – Murder Kill Baby

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Obedient Wives Club - Murder Kill Baby

Sometimes, we wish we were born in an era where things were simpler, everybody had good fashion sense, and popular music was not as obnoxious as it is today. Singaporean Spectorgaze (Phil Spector-inspired) outfit, Obedient Wives Club, gives us a glimpse of what it used to be or how it could be.

Returning with their sophomore EP “Murder Kill Baby,” OWC’s candy sweet guitar lines and doo wop elements are further developed in this 5 track EP which kicks off with a high tide crescendo of drums; “Murder Kill Baby” then will drag you along through its catchy chorus, taking you on a sunny side journey. It sounds rather psychedelic; “Razor Wire Love Song” is one energetic piece tuning up tempo as the vocals break the guitar interlude. Tragic one-sided love story filled with swooning vocals, “Requiem for a Lover” is a slower song that will stab the audiences to the heart with its heart-breaking melancholy hook. “Thousand Tears” finishes off the EP with a solid ending, indie pop astatic to its fullest.

We only wish the EP had a lo-fi feel to it, but I guess thats why OWC have released a limited edition casette version of it. Listen to “Murder Kill Baby” below