Patience Dear Juggernaut’s ‘The Girl Impaler’

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In the spirit of one man bands this week, it’s to our excitement to feature witty, lo-fi bedroom musician Patience Dear Juggernaut’s November release, titled ‘The Girl Impaler’.

Entirely free on Bandcamp, the musician’s lo-fi compositions, a collection of pretty honest, witty and funny(in a feeble kind of way) songs delivered in quirky, upbeat keyboard music style similar to Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, is somewhat like a cross between our very own O.J. Law, swede storyteller Jens Lekman and geek rock gods Weezer. The Girl Impaler, the artist’s debut, very well has the gist to interest and humour listening ears outside the musician’s bedroom and other scenes across from the lone island of the Philippines.

Patience Dear Juggernaut is the project of Cameron Aquino, who is a pseudonym for filmmaker Wincy Ong who’s known for directorial works of some music videos over in Manila, from what we’ve gathered. Follow the guy(s) on Facebook.