Stylish Nonsense – Never Blur

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Pok and June, the duo responsible for much of the fun happening in the Thailand scene as Bangkok based synths and drums duo Stylish Nonsense have put out a new video just yesterday. A tasteful, but yet, trashy (the usual paradox that the boys are regarded for I guess) video directed by Tokin Teekanun.

Pok doesn’t sit for this one, but instead picks up a bass and sings some gibberish for this track. Gibberish nonsense delivered in style of course. So no language barrier there for the non Thai speaking audience. And June, well, he’s having fun like always at the back of his drum set with his spontaneous drumming style that makes up that Stylish Nonsense flair.


Pok also runs the independent label Panda Records, the label responsible for a long list of independent Thai bands and all night long Stone free Music Festival. Head on to Stylish Nonsense’s Facebook page for some info gathering eh.