The Pinholes – Sunshine

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These Singaporean lads have certainly taken the infusion of rock n roll, pop and psychedelic to another level. With their unpretentiously hyperactive style, the energetic quartet has brought back the classic sound of 60’s Malay pop-yeh-yeh on its boat to the present time with a slight modern local twist in it. Savoring the tunes of this band is not easy to resist for the abundant dose of rejoiced and easy-going sentiments, which are easy to the ears.

Right down to their getup and haircut, these 60s Malay pop-yeh-yeh / surf revivalists have been at it for the past 4 years, and don’t stray too far away from their influences from that era (eg Siglap Five).

Although it was written in 2007, it was re-recorded and re-released a couple of weeks ago, “Sunshine” gives you a reason to break out that slim fit batik shirt and bell bottoms, dust off your rusty Vespa and pick up that lovely fox in the red kebaya.

More info on The Pinholes here.

by Awin Roslin