This Is Atlantis – Ancient Weapons

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This Is Atlantis - Ancient Weapons

After releasing their split and touring alongside Daighila, the journey didn’t just end there for This Is Atlantis. Though currently they’re still working their heads and fingers off for the upcoming release and rocking some shows on as of late, instilling some decent amount of anticipation amongst fans or avid listeners with a track simply wouldn’t do any harm. Hence the flare of ‘Ancient Weapons’, one of the tracks in their upcoming EP.

The track kicks off with an easygoing line which then keeps on going catchy and head-swirling along the way with the flaunt of post-punk waves in it, making you go antsy of what’s gonna emerge next. We couldn’t wait to listen for more from them. Therefore, in the mean time, take a listen to “Ancient Weapons” by This Is Atlantis.

by Awin Roslin
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