Three Track Tuesday #4 – New music from South East Asia

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Here’s 3 new tracks this week from South East Asia.

Dirgahayu – Istinggar

Kuala Lumpur’s premiere rock math rock band, Dirgahayu, recently released their first single ‘Istinggar’, right before their heading out east to Japan for their week long ‘Commemorate!’ Album Release Tour. We can’t wait to hear the full length.

Suasanasabtupagi – Matches

A relatively new find for us, Suasanasabtupagi is a collective / project band similar to Canadian outfit Broken Social Scene (in terms of concept, not so much the genre). This Jakarta based outfit churns out some catchy experimental pop tunes. The band is set to release their full debut LP soon.

Hariguem Zaboy – Anybody Feels

Let’s be honest. Everyone had a band (or was somewhat involved with one) during high school. And a lot like your high school fling, well, it’s a high school fling. Once in a while though, one band sticks around and keeps writing. Hariguem Zaboy from Bangkok is one of them, with their shoegaze pop sound.