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One of 2011’s undoubted buzz bands, UK newcomers Yuck prove incredibly hard to resist even on the first listen. Usually if a band arrives complete with stamps of approval from both the NME and Pitchfork, we’ll tread with quite a bit of caution because as well respected these 2 publications may be, their obsession with everything ‘new’ can also mean that said band with the stamp of approval is merely part of whatever trend they think is cool and ‘in’ at the moment and nothing more. But this bunch of cool looking boys and girls from the UK (with an American boy and Japanese girl) is quite defiantly fantastic.

Mining a sound long thought of as passe, their 90’s alternative meets Amerindie sound unashamedly marries the best parts of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and The Lemonheads into one glorious melodic blend that will seduce even the most stone cold hearts. Their self titled debut album is still on repeat on our CD player even after almost 2 months, and we’re pretty sure you’ll find them similarly irresistible. Check out live versions of the first song on their album “Get Away” below and our personal favourite, the very pretty jangle fest “Shook Down” below it. And do check out their Facebook page too.