obituary wings – Sick

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By Azzief Khaliq

There’s not a lot of info about Sick, the (presumably) debut four-tracker from (possibly?) Indonesian band obituary wings. That’s a good thing. It fits perfectly with the band’s murky, reverb-drenched sound, a world away from the ceaselessly inane rumbling of social media and “scenes”.

The void of information finds its equal in Sick‘s musical void. The songs (barring synth intro “Creature”) follow the same template: primitive skank beat punk rhythms and reedy guitar alternating between a couple of brain-dead black-punk riffs, with echoed, distorted vocals over the top.

The barely-there drums and almost-clean guitar rob the music of any anger or passion it might have, but that’s a good thing. Sick is the musical equivalent of staring a hole in the wall for six minutes or so. Dynamics? Progression? Development? Emotion? To hell with all of that. Sick says nothing, wants to be nothing, and ends up as nothing. Exactly how I like it.

  • Country: Indonesia (?)
  • Label: Self-released
  • Year: 2022