Pastelpower – Oh Louie! / Jean-Paul

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You may have heard Obedient Wives Club, the eccentric guitar-driven quintet from Singapore that just flashed their latest 5-track EP “Murder Kill Baby”, but most likely not for Pastelpower. Pastelpower belongs to Cherie Ko, whom you may know as the lead guitarist of OWC, which evoked as an electronic bedroom project of hers and contrasting to the usual sound of her band, Pastelpower has gradually budding as her platform to unveil her softer (pastel) side.

Usually backed by Adel Rashid for beats on her live sets, Pastelpower infuses simple melodies and Ko’s own cute pitchy vocals disperse in sugary form that would possibly make you puke rainbows and think of unicorns (let’s leave substances aside). You might just want to immerse yourself in warmth and fuzziness with tracks like “Jean-Paul”, hitting your soft spot in an instance and entangled you in the land of pastel-hued creatures. Alongside with that is “Oh, Louie!”, the slow-tempo and dreamy tune baring a girl’s heartbreak in a less depressing form.

To put it in a whimsical way, Pastelpower simply generates the kind of tracks that will slowly oozing into your head when you bump into a chick in that flowy pastel skirt paired with an embroidered blouse and flamboyant-coloured socks tucked underneath those oxford flats, while you happen to take a breather in the park.

Have a listen to this little brainchild of Cherie Ko’s, Pastelpower.

by Awin Roslin