Reddi Rocket

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reddi rocket

KL-based beatmaker, Reddi Rocket has got his worthy hands experimenting with decent social music to fix up our boring melancholy nights. This dude seems to be enjoying the fusion of various music, leading his music into becoming a blend of electronic, electro pop, synth, EDM and some other pleasing eardrum experience. Resulting into something that could connect emotions of people on the dance floor, his electronic music is also able to pacify mood of the audience instead of putting in deafening thumps of bass drops. Known by the name of Jimmy, he’s also one of the men behind KL-based label, Fameux Records.

They say the first sip is always so soothing. We went on Reddi Rocket’s SoundCloud and found out how true this saying goes. ‘How Strange’ brings the sudden pass to me, giving me an easy mood to rest my ears to. His opus is jammed with presence of musical frisson. Some of his earlier songs filled with nu-disco beats, like ‘Right Now’, ‘TRNQLZR’ and ‘Queen’. He plays music solely not just for the partygoers, but also flexible to be the soundtracks to uplift your day. Jimmy seems idle in the social media environment for now, but he still updates his new tracks and shows on his Facebook page.

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Reddi Rocket