Sapporo Safaris – Figures of Eight

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Their early journey as Sapporo Safaris might not be a smooth-sailing one for the diversified music backgrounds and styles that stood between them, especially when they are 8 of them. Nonetheless, it seems obligatory for them to be up for the challenge and they managed to put it into good use.

Melodious horns, grand sounds, catchy riffs and cuts of electro ambience are the ingredients of this little family from Singapore, whom just released their 4-track EP early of this year entitled ‘Figure of Eight’. The EP start off mellow and easy with ‘An Island In You’, hooking you up with its melancholy sentiment. Upbeat and catchy, ‘Electric Handshakes’ is the track to dance to, backed with the glorious sounds of the horns and instantly giving you a breath of energy. Kicked off with slow ambient and bits of dream pop, ‘Ancient Becoming’ is the third track of the EP that abruptly goes bouncy and lively halfway through (so, do not skip this track). ‘Oxygen Man I’ finishes off the EP, just like the first track, very melancholic and flashing more of grace in the vocals. The ending is just something to love, sounding grand through well harmonization of each instrumentation.

For a new band that indeed sounds promising, we just wish that sooner or later they will manage to get an identity or signature sound that they could get a grasp on. All in all, this EP is worth the note. Check this one out by Sapporo Safaris.

Learn more about the band on their Facebook page.

by Awin Roslin