SEA Indie x Vandals On The Wall – Erasing Memories (Mixtape)

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Vandals On The Wall x SEA Indie - Erasing Memories

The lads behind the two indie scene movements – South East Asia Indie (SEA Indie) and Filipino based indie music website Vandals On The Wall have joined forces to release a compilation of Filipino indie tracks titled Erasing Memories. The compilation can be seen as a platform for indie pundits seeking music beyond borders as well as a compilation parading the array of music from the indie scene in the Philippines.

Prepare to hold your emotions high because parallel to what the title of the compilation is, “Erasing Memories”, this compendium is said to revolve around “humanly vulnerabilities” and mirrors a “passionate relationship gone wrong”. You know, the type of songs that revolve around complicated relationships, breakups, and everything cynical about love. Whether you are in a relationship or not, we often see ourselves listening to mixtapes given by loved ones, or when things in your attempted love life turn ugly, listening to songs that bring back memories – be it good or bad.

From what the information and sounds of this compilation conveys, you will be listening to 21 tracks that may most probably bring you walking down memory lane along with borderline smiles and/or a whole lot of sorrow.

If you’re interested in exploring more regional indie music, check out SEA Indie and Vandals On the Wall.

The compilation is available for download here.

1. The Stranger Creatures – Stargazer
2. Ang Bandang Shirley – Polygonal Graphs
3. The Geeks – Again
4. Ciudad – Johny
5. Spirit Ocean – #Dearlove
6. Ourselves The Elves – Silly Little Song
7. Swissy – The Visit
8. Outerhope – Lost Year
9. Dr. StrangeLuv – I’m Still Breathing
10. Tether – Orange Skies
11. Frills x Nick Lazaro – Bootleg Baggage
12. The Chopping Board – Simple Line
13. No Rome – Tru Feelings
14. Hana ACBD – Stephen
15. Grandi Oso – Blue Ruin
16. Archaster – Love You More Than Summertime
17. The Tough Ones – One Last Oath
18. Your Imaginary Friends – Your Silence Is The Villain
19. Skymarines – Zach’s Balloons
20. Conclave x Lux Calip – Ocean Star
21. June 12 – Big Beautiful Country

by Hazlinda Elina