Seyra – Send Me On

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Seyra - Send Me On (Music Video)

Singaporean quartet Seyra is back with Send Me On, forerunner to their full-length release. It explores the contours of happiness and the confines of optimism. Gabriel Lynch. Noughts & Exe and Regina Spektor ring a bell?

For someone who had decided to go to bed at 7AM, waking up to the soulful voice of Sarah Ismail and the smooth-chill tempo of guitars, percussion and bass was as close to bliss as humanly possible. “Send Me On” is your song then! Sarah Ismail’s crystal clear voice cuts through the layered guitar melodies giving a kick to the pop-centric tunes. Her vocals can be said to be no longer swaying like Yuna’s this time around.

The strong instrumentation pushes you aside from the fact that “Send Me On” sounded very similar to “Jauh”, the other track that evokes emotion. The whole “Saudade” ambiance seems repetitive; losing the track’s essence. Despite that, It’s a pop hit in the making and the stanza will be lingering in your head after a few spins without a doubt.

The music video below, created and directed by Sean Christie, compliments the song perfectly.

by Liyana Zamzuri

You can buy Seyra’s new EP from our online store.