Sigmun: Young. Solid. Awesome.

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Sigmun - Cerebro

Today, there is nothing new under the sun, so they say. Everything has been done already, and new things are mostly old things remade with contemporary style or gadget. This is happening everywhere; all around the world, in whatever fields you are in. And when music is your department, it is pretty hard to stand out amongst all the other newbies, to be the one people would look twice and say “Hmm, that’s new…”. Therefore, bands and musicians try hard to look different, to sound different, and to perform differently than each other. Alas, most of them can still be tagged copycats of other bands before them; usually ones that did it all better still. Oh, what to do? What to do? Turns out that it takes more than looking, sounding, or acting new to turn heads around and make them keep listening and wanting more.

There is a saying that goes like this, “Be your self, I told somebody. But he couldn’t, for he was a nobody”. It means that personality goes a long way, and they are SO on point with that statement. It sucks trying to be somebody you are not or trying to be somebody you think would be better than your true self. It sucks for you and sucks for people that have to be around you. You have to get a personality; by living, learning, and doing. A band with a strong personality, a fully developed one, will turn heads around and make the people want more. Even if they look so-so, sound like a lot of other great bands before their time, or have absolutely no special stage acts; they would be noticed because they got “It”.

“It” is what this foursome named SIGMUN possessed, and “It” is what has made them stand out amongst all the other new (or newish) bands, within and/or outside of their genre; which is basically bluesy psychedelic metal. SIGMUN is a Jakarta/Bandung-based band that was formed in 2011, and is now already one of the most talked about talents within the last year. Their music is influenced by great oldies such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd; those usually stated by so many other bands. But they have formed a solid concept; based on their top-notch talent, their similarly sophisticated taste, their dark sense of humour, their appreciation of surrealism, and their admiration for Sigmund Freud (in support of his theory of unconscious mind). This concept has added something unique to their presence and their music; a kind of maturity within their sounds that we perceive, despite the fact that they are still so very young. Besides their awesome music, these guys also seem to know exactly what they want and what they are doing. This is great to see, from a local music follower point of view. We love it when young bands have those qualities, besides being good at playing and performing.

(photo: Doc. SIGMUN, by Ady Nugeraha & Agra Suseno)

SIGMUN has just released a mini album entitled “Cerebro”, distributed on-line by Yes No Wave Music (a net-label) since early February, and will be released in EP format by The Bronze Medal Records in August 2012.

Listen to ‘Cerebro’ below


Sigmun – The Long Haul | Live at “From the Misty Mountain Top” from Orange Cliff on Vimeo.

You can also download ‘Cerebro’ here.