Silampukau – Lantun Mustahil

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Silampukau’s 2016 album Dosa, Kota, & Kenangan is something of a classic in these parts, with its mix of incredibly catchy compositions and evocative, sociopolitically-informed lyrics. We’ve been hoping for a follow-up for ages, to no avail. The wait likely isn’t ending any time soon, but we can at least indulge in a new single, “Lantun Mustahil”.

“Lantun Mustahil” follows last year’s “Dendang Sangsi”, and is another solid display of the band’s keenly-developed ear for melody. It’s a song about being trapped in a storm at sea and the anxiety and panic that comes with it. But at its core, “Lantun Mustahil” is about our shared inability to predict the future, and how that makes “disasters” appear “as if out of nowhere”.

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