Strange Fruit

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When it comes to alternative/indie rock band, I plead guilty as charged that I enjoy my rock preference done in a raunchy-punchy rattling manner along with bucketload of youthful energy, and this initially trio to finally a complete quintet from Jakarta certainly fits the bill quite nicely. Offering only two yet promising shoegazing-pop gems worth of pure exuberant touch, ‘Shark’ and ‘Jolly Good Fellow’, Strange Fruit delivers a treat that’s impossible to resist or dislike for the band’s uplifting energy that one would find utterly refreshing. The musical arrangements are tuneful; the lyrics felicitous, the vocals are smooth and robust thus clinch the whole endearing deal. ­

No harm checking out. Lose the straps of your daily burden with real vibrations of Strange Fruit music here:

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Strange Fruit