Tarsius – Disco Manila

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Generally speaking, it is always interesting when music scene veterans work together on different projects. Heck, even if it’s not specifically related to music it would be exciting to know when two veterans collaborate. 

For instance, just for a second, imagine if news leaked out that Bill Gates collaborated with Steve Jobs (RIP) on a project. All the tech nerds would be foaming in their mouths with excitement. 

But that’s just an imaginary instance. Thankfully, not for Tarsius. 

Originating from Manila, Philippines, Tarsius is made up of two Filipino scene veterans. Diego Mapa sings for electronic outfit Pedicab, Jay Gapasin drums for the offbeat jazz-rock band, Radioactive Sago Project.

The bands’ second album, “Culture Cow ” received rave reviews and was listed as one of the best Southeast Asian albums of 2020 by NME. 

On ‘Disco Manila’, the band goes straight to business with the head-bopping rhythms. The track also features fellow Filipino artist, Vex Ruffin (Stones Throw).