They Will Kill Us All – Future Nights (Dizkopolis Remix)

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They Will Kill Us All - Future Nights (Dizkopolis Remix)

This time, the blokes from Dizkopolis are hitting off a track by the gentlemen of They Will Kill Us All called “Future Nights”, ripped off from their recent album “Vultures”. The track kicks off with a catchy foot-thumping line but somehow it goes along as not what we may have anticipated in the early beginning. People actually are inclined to be captious or over-analytical upon the remixed version of their favourite songs, and for that I assumed fans of TWKUA would most probably think the remix could’ve sound even better to do the original track some justice.

The bottom line is, the point doesn’t fall on whether this remix is good or bad. I would say this is adequately delightful to the ears (of whom are into electro and suchlike) but probably more input should’ve been put in to draw the attention from TWKUA’s guitar-and-drum-driven fanatics as well. But on the brighter side, it is a good thing that TWKUA’s signature sound and identity are still well-kept in the track, which makes it impossible not to * to whom the original track belongs to. All in all, it’s a track that you can always dance to, hence chill out and swirl on to They Will Kill Us All – Future Nights (Dizkopolis Remix).

by Awin Roslin