Various – REDEFINE Vol. 2

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Jakarta/Shanghai-based fashion label and creative collective UNDERRADAR has released its second compilation of Indonesian house music, REDEFINE Volume 2.

REDEFINE Volume 2 is a follow-up compilation to the first volume, which was released in February 2022. It features five more Jakarta-based house music producers: Angga, Turismo Avenue, Missink Link, Hobs, and Rulli.

The REDEFINE compilations feature artists “deeply rooted in Jakarta’s rich heritage of underground parties and rave culture.” Each volume features contributions from five producers, with the aim of “put[ting] Jakarta local producers on the map of South East Asia and global electronic music.”

UNDERRADAR is a relatively new label, with only an Asia-wide techno compilation, ASIA FUTURIST, to its name before.

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