5 Questions: Two Million Thanks

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Our intern, Izyan Liyana, managed to catch the boys of Two Million Thanks, to answer some questions, right before they head down to Malaysia for The Wknd’s inaugural Cross Border Showcase, happening on the 9th of May (in Penang) and 10th of May (Kuala Lumpur).

Two Million Thanks

1) Two Million Thanks had to go through numerous changes in band line-up over the time. Why is that so? When did you initially form the band and how did you guys come together as a fixed quartet this time?
Two Million Thanks was started by frontman, Dui who is a vocalist and guitarist ever since he was in college. He invited his friend, Khun who is a drummer to form a band just for fun and started composing songs in their own way. Soon after the bassist, Tah, who shared the similar taste of music joined them. When they’ve become more serious with the band, they felt the need of more members. Another guitarist P, friend of Dui since high school finally joined the band and became our current line up.

2) It seems like it’s been a very fun-filled ride for you guys; to be chosen as the opening act for Toe and performed in various major events in Thailand. Tell me about your live performances: anything crazy/weird happens at the show? What are your favorite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows planned out?
It was impressive and grateful for the band to have had the chance to open for Toe because Toe is one of our inspirations to play music. As for live performances, crazy and fun things would happen during our way to the venue. Because none of us owns a car, we have to use several transportation to reach to the venue at a different time. So we would have fun conversations along the way. None of us has our own instruments, so every time we practice or play at a show, we’d need to borrow guitar, bass etc from our friends which might have been weird for others. The most impressive show we’ve played was during our opening for Toe. We have to say we’re very excited for Cross Border Showcase,  which is going to be our first time playing abroad!

3) With a shorter set, it must be harder to fit in your whole catalog to represent yourself especially as a new, upcoming band. How did you go about picking which songs you were going to play?
It depends on the occasion, place and other bands that we’d play together with. We have a song list with a variety kind of music and normally we’d start from less to a high dynamic. Well-known songs or songs that people can sing along to would be at the middle towards the end.

4) What’s the music scene, specifically in your genre of instrumental post-rock, like in Thailand? Where are the biggest fans? Is it a struggle to gain followers?
Post rock and independent music are getting more popular in Thailand. We are trying our best to enjoy playing music we like and compose good songs, and we’d be happy if people like and enjoy what we are doing and keep track of our works.

5) I think you have achieved what you set out to do with the debut album, ‘do’. I feel it was like the pinnacle of your musical career at the time it was released. It’s a very dynamic and multi-layered album. From that, how do you go to the next step?
From now on, we would definitely continue working on creating music. However, we are not sure yet about the style of music on the next album but we sure hope our next album would be better in many ways.

Two Million Thanks will be playing alongside Pandai Besi, MonoloQue, Dirgahayu, and Pitahati, this coming 9th and 10th of May 2014, part of The Wknd’s Cross Border Showcase. Details of the event can be found here. Listen to their tracks here.

Interviewed by Izyan Liyana
Photos by Two Million Thanks