50/50 – split EP by Couple and Maddthelin

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UPDATE: 50/50 is now available on iTunes, Deezer and Spotify!

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A collaborative effort between and our very own The Wknd Records, we are proud to announce the release of “50/50”, a split EP by 2 prominent Malaysian independent bands Couple and Maddthelin. The 6-track record will have its digital release on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify and other online stores worldwide on Saturday 9 November 2013.

50/50 features three brand-new songs by power-pop band Couple, and three crowd favourites by post- hardcore/screamo band Maddthelin.

“We wanted to make a record that two diverse sets of music fans can enjoy,” said Faiz Fadzil, producer and engineer for the record. “One group gets to hear music that they would otherwise not have thought about listening to. In a way, we want to promote a listening culture that is accepting of all forms of music – which will in the long run lead to more creativity and better ideas for both fans and musicians.”

UPDATE: 50/50 is now available on iTunes, Deezer and Spotify!

The recording for 50/50 took a unique approach – all six tracks were recorded live, capturing the energy and spirit of the bands playing together. “Music’s not meant to be perfect,” continues Faiz Fadzil. “It’s really about the ‘human factor’ – including the mistakes. In the end, it’s about a bunch of guys playing a good tune that their fans can enjoy.” and The Wknd Records are the executive producers for 50/50. All six tracks were recorded live in over a two-day session, with post-production mixing and mastering taking approximately three weeks to complete.