A Short Announcement

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Kehadapan Saudara / Saudari,

Apa khabar? Semoga semua dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera. Just wanted to give you a little update on what we’ve been working on.

We recently launched our official online store, where we sell most of the mp3s from our sessions, all the way back from our first ever session. Some folks asked us on our Facebook page, if we’re selling the videos too. We’re unsure really, due to the large file sizes (eventually leading to high bandwidth costs), but if you guys want it, we can bundle everything together. We’re also trying to stock up some local releases, and if you’d like us to sell yours, drop us a line.

Also, for the past couple of months, we went back to Five Arts Centre, to record our 6th season, and we’ve been in post production ever since, and we’re ready to give you a peek.

Anyways, do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our official YouTube channel for the latest updates.

The Wknd Team