Azmyl Yunor/Ian Chow album launch @ Actors Studio, Lot 10, KL, 11/11

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Remember that bonus disc called H.I.D.U.P (Hari Ini Di Ukay Perdana) that came with Azmyl Yunor’s debut album Warga? Apparently it was not ‘launched’ on the same day as Warga, and Azmyl, cheeky as ever, has decided to ‘launch’ that particular album with this show, together with fellow singer-songwriter Ian Chow who’s also launching his own album Issue #01 in a joint gig that’s styled like a live talk show, with actor Ashraf Zain & Rosheen playing hosts and Ariff Akhir also making a guest appearance.

Brought to you by The Actors Studio, show starts at 8.30pm on Thursday 11th November 2010 at The Actors Studio, Level 8A, Lot 10 shopping centre, Kuala Lumpur. Entry is by minimum RM10 donation at the door.

Check out the event’s Facebook page, and Azmyl Yunor on Myspace and Ian Chow on Reverbnation.