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Bandung Emo Trio Aillis Release Debut EP

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Bandung-based midwest/90s emo trio Aillis have released their debut EP, Believe 114, on Benalu Records. The trio, consisting of vocalist Akhyar Bagaskara, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Fikri Suryatama and drummer Haris Suryadinata, play a style of emo hugely indebted to the twinkly midwest indie/emo sound of labels such as Jade Tree Records, with notable hints of late-2000s screamo spread across the EP’s five tracks, especially on “A Lot of Sins”.

[bandcamp width=450 height=721 album=870630466 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Believe 114 is available on cassette, and you can purchase it over at Bandcamp. For more updates, you can follow Aillis on Facebook. Check out the music video for “A Lot of Sins” below: