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Are You Privi?

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Photos and words by Privi.

Privi is a secret place, a feeling, or a sharing in the knowledge of safety and security of friends and music. It’s not a club, but more like the lounge room of a close friend who loves to entertain and share in mutual interests. It is not a beginning nor an end, but a ever-present state of mind.

Music is about how it makes you feel. We can evoke vivid memories and emotions by listening to music. Creating an attachment to a time, place or event. It gives clarity to our dimmest memories and at its best has the ability to light the darkest corners of our soul. The people who take us on a journey do so because they are on theirs and the music is as much an expression of who they are as where they are. Musical style is the reflection of what we want the world to know of us. A distinct awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a situation.


  1. sharing in the knowledge of (something secret or private).
    “he was no longer privy to her innermost thoughts”

Amazing things with amazing people. Are you privi?

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Their event SoundLab Malam Merdeka, presented by Privi X Detour Asia, is happening Tuesday 30th of August. It is an invite only event and the details of how to get on the list can be found on their blog or facebook. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears on them in the near future, they have some interesting things on the way.