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Indulge in Experimental Music and Film at KLEX 2016 Next Week

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The Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video and Music Festival (KLEX) will return this month with its 7th installment to delight and challenge Malaysian audiences. The art festival will take place on the 24th-27th November with curated programs set across multiple mediums as well as venues provided by artist-run independent art spaces: Lostgens’ Contemporary Artspace, Findars and Da Huang Pictures. The event also lies on the support of Goethe-Institut Malaysia, Next New Wave and the Korean Association of Film Education (KAFE). KLEX 2016 will serve as a melting pot for brave artistic expression and contemporary ideas by an extensive list of filmmakers, musicians and audiovisual artists from around the world.

The festival will feature its open programs which having received 250 submissions during its open call has been narrowed down to 39 experimental short films by KLEX’s curatorial community. The event will also host invited guest programs from Germany, America, South Korea and Taiwan which include short film presentations by Berlinale Spotlight, Liminal Perceptions by Lowave, and other showcases by individuals from varying international art communities. The music and audiovisual segments will feature artists who challenge normative treatments to melody and sound (in spirit of the experimental). Audiences are also invited to attend a non-camera film workshop (under Taiwanese filmmaker, Wu Tzu-an) where participants leave the cameras behind and learn how to physically manipulate and distort 16mm film with whatever device or material one can bring.

You can find the full event schedule here.

And as this year’s theme suggests, prepare to witness and interact with the creative friction of having individuals from different cultural backgrounds present and express their ideas across multiple mediums. Take home an idea, a connection or a spark that will always remind you to do a double take on the things we take for granted.

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