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The Sou Sou Band Is Cambodia’s “First All Girl Punk Band”

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The Sou Sou Band, who released a music video for their song “Sou Sou” (“Persist Persist”) on Christmas Day, are allegedly Cambodia’s first all girl punk band. That’s according to the the promotional spiel for the video, which explains that says that the band was formed at Srey’s School of Rock, a workshop for women in Cambodia initiated by the Kampot Arts & Music Association (KAMA), which was itself initiated by The Cambodian Space Project’s Julian Poulson.

It isn’t exactly clear whether the origin story is legitimate or whether it’s some sort of cover for a Cambodian Space Project side-project (amongst other possibilities), but one thing’s for sure: the song is totally charming, what with its ramshackle playing, suspect tuning and somewhat off-kilter lead vocals.

For what it’s worth, there’s also a short 8-minute documentary about the workshop that does seem to lend some legitimacy to the whole affair:

Check KAMA out over on Facebook and decide for yourself.