Damo Suzuki & his Malaysian network live @ the Annexe, K.L. 27th November 2010

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Damo Suzuki’s network expands in Malaysia. The former frontman of Krautrock legends,Can,will be in K.L., tuning into the vibes of audiences at the Annexe, and creating instant compositions with Yong Yandsen, Goh Lee Kwang, Ciplak and The Abang Guard.

Through Damo Suzuki’s Network, the artist travels the world to meet with various local musicians (whom he calls “Sound Carriers” ) and performs with them unrehearsed, unique improvisations that highly involves interaction with audiences.

If you can’t make it, hope for proper recordings of  the set that night be made available like some of Suzuki’s past performances with Sound Carriers from all around, which recordings are available for purchase or download from the Damo Suzuki’s Network website. We found that Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez played Sound Carrier too, but that rare gem of a recording isn’t available for download anymore,sadly.