Delicate Decibel 2011, Bangkok Thailand

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It’s a great time to be in Bangkok this week. Over 30 acts are set to bring you the indie, the electronic, the experimental and the post rock that exists quietly (as quiet as independent music usually is in our region) in Thailand. Beginning tonight and ending with a music workshop at the end of the week, Delicate Decibel 2011 will be a four days long event spread between four different venues. This 4×4 arrangement must be one of the best ways to sift through one of Southeast Asia’s most creative music scenes.

As we know many of our readers at the moment aren’t Bangkok natives and most probably could not attend this big blanket of an event, we at Wknd will make it our duty to share the spirit of independent music with our neighbours and introduce some of the acts on Delicate Decibel’s roster daily till the end of this week. So in the meantime stay tuned and enjoy the KL streets where most of us will probably be stuck in this week. Might we suggest listening to “KL Streets” from Thai post rockers Inspirative, who are playing in tonight’s leg of Delicate Decibel 2011, while we’re stuck here. For more info, head to Delicate Decibel’s Facebook event page