Download Pusher’s discography for free

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*Update – the links will be available for a limited time only, so download it quick!

The kind lads of Pusher have given 3 of their past releases out for free! Listen to their tracks from each album below.

As how the guys at ricecooker would put it “An energetic, beery mix of rockin’ 77-style punk rock ala The Clash, and a slew of American influences from Social Distortion to Youth Brigade to early Rancid – 7 songs bookended with 2 tracks with a bit of dub-reggae sheenanigans. Most RECOMMENDED!!

Pusher – Our Beloved City Of The Dead CD (2010)

01 Pushing In
02 Dead End
03 Radio On Fire
04 Artifialized
05 Grey Car (2009)
06 Stop The Madness
07 At Cross Purposes
08 Bring Em’ Back
09 Pushing Out – pushadubadub

Pusher – Grey Car
[audio:|titles=Pusher – Grey Car ]

Click here to download the album ( low bit rate 192 kbps )

Pusher – The Single Piss -single (2005)
FREE mp3 downloads

01 Neo Arqam Punk
02 Medical Prescription
03 Beer Not Bomb

Pusher – Neo Arqam Punk
[audio:|titles=01 Neo-Arqam Punk]

Click here to download the album (low bit rate 192 kbps)

Pusher – Empunkyar Strikes Back EP (2003)

01 Journey Under Stars
02 Mr Radio Friend
03 Mat
04 Rich Kids on L.S.A
05 Sucktember
06 Should I Stay
07 A Blue Hate

Pusher – Sucktember
[audio:|titles=05 Sucktember]

Click here to download the EP (low bit rate 192 kbps)

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