Introducing: Snakeweed Sessions

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A couple of months ago, during a short visit to our neighbors down south, we met with the lads from Monster Cat. Over a cup of coffee, they spoke about a new web show they were working on with the legendary Snakeweed Studios. If you’re not familiar with that name, Snakeweed Studios was formed by producer / engineer¬†Leonard Soosay, a prominent figure in the independent music scene in Singapore, producing the likes of Electrico, The Great Spy Experiment and I Am David Sparkle.

Collaborating with film collective, birdmandog, Snakeweed Sessions features live acoustic performances, and interviews with Singaporean as well as travelling international musicians.

We at The Wknd have always supported DIY culture, and we’d like to introduce Snakeweed Sessions as one of our channels under Wknd Broadcast.

Their first episode features Conor O’Brien of Villagers. Check it out here.