Irama Nusantara

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A movement behind one of Indonesia’s very prominent figures in the music industry, David Tarigan introduces Irama Nusantara, a music archive showcasing a selection of music from the golden years of the 1950s to the 1980s.

Irama Nusantara celebrates the antiquity of Indonesia’s popular music of the olden days and the archive also carries itself as a musical podium for the masses who have always had a spot for classic Indonesian songs as well as an allusion to those who are interested to know more about the country’s music of the olden days. The website also has a digital radio called Radio Kentang which Tarigan claims will be adapted into Irama Nusantara and will play Indonesian music as well.

The first episode of Irama Nusantara is out and a new episode showcasing a mix of Indonesian music will be shared to the public on a monthly basis. The archive not only has music for your listening pleasure but also a few articles that have already been published for readers. Irama Nusantara has been up and running for around more than a month so pay it a visit for some of the finest selection of music from Indonesia.

Episode #1 of Irama Nusantara is available to stream and download via Whiteboard Journal. Check out the episode over here.

For more on Irama Nusantara, visit their website here.

By Hazlinda Elina