MAP Arts Festival 27/3 – 28/3 @ Solaris Dutamas

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MAP, Kuala Lumpur’s latest arts platform will be opening it’s doors this coming 27th of March 2010, with a 2-day arts festival. The festival will include from performing arts – theatre, music (yes, music is art) and dance – to installations, sculptures and even workshops.

Located in Solaris Dutamas, the center aims to be the arts central in KL with facilities such as an art gallery and multiple theater spaces.

Anyways, here’s whats happening for music for the festival.

27/3/2010 (Saturday)  @ WHITE BOX
9.30pm to 10pm
Jazz saxophonist with Azmi Hairudin and Christophe Turchi

27/3/2010 (Saturday)  @ BLACK BOX (Theatre)

2pm to 3pm
Music gig with Peter Hassan Brown and friends

3.30pm to 5.30pm
Music and poetry readings by Pekan Frinjan
Participants include Meor, Nik, Keladak, Shh..Diam, Mohd Jayzuan, Stam Mustapha, Gyomogii, Marini Rafar and Fazleena Hishamuddin.

6pm to 7pm
Performance art by Ensemble 11
This is a multidisciplinary performance, involving music, video and movement; working with improvisation. Individual performers will work on their own ideas and rough structures yet flexible enough to change and modify accordingly.

9.30pm to 11.30pm
Music gig organised by Rice Above No. 7 featuring Aggrobeats, Rebel Scum, Khottal and Nao

28/3/2010 (Sunday)  @ WHITE BOX

Paul Lau and Tugu Drum Circle workshop

28/3/2010 (Sunday)  @ BLACK BOX (Theatre)

Music gig with Monoloque

Music gig organised by Jerome Kugan with Panda Head Curry, Vernadium, Tenderfist, Sharidar & Nizam and Deserters

Singer-songwriter round by Moonshine featuring Reza Salleh, Azmyl Yunor, Zalila Lee, Izzy Mohamed.

For more info on the festival, visit here.